Valeo Recovery Center


Services in this expanded facility include Social Detoxification, Intermediate and Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Continuing Care, Gambling Addiction Treatment, and Relapse Prevention. These comprehensive services are available to anyone in the state of Kansas. We are licensed by the state to do referrals, and can provide assessment within 24-hours. We utilize the Living in Balance Program developed by Hazeldon Publishing and Educational Services. This cognitive behavioral and experiential treatment approach draws from current research and science in drug addiction. Together with practical clinical experience it provides a solid foundation for treatment. All Recovery Center programs provide exposure to community based self-help groups to assist clients in building skills and relationships that will support their recovery. Valeo Recovery Center is part of a state-wide referral network.

Social Detox

  • Assessment
  • Referral
  • Motivational Counseling
  • Non-medical 24-hour safe environment for acute withdrawal
  • Building Up to Drink or Drug (BUDD) Beds available

Residential / Intermediate Care

  • 24-Hour Residential Services
  • 42 Residential Beds
  • Attaining an Initial period of abstinence
  • Safety & Structure
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Hazelden Living in Balance & Thinking for a Change Education Programs
  • Education regarding Disease and Recovery

Residential Reintegration Program

  • Adult Male & Female Inpatient Services- individual & group
  • Assessment and Individual Program Plan
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling
  • Re-Socialization Services- employment, education, vocational support, and skills training
  • Community Reintegration
  • Discharge Planning
  • Case Management

Intensive Outpatient / Outpatient

  • Intensive Day or Evening Treatment
  • Education, Continuing Care, and Relapse Prevention
  • Group and Individual Counseling for both the addict and significant others
  • Urine Analysis for Company Drug Testing

Problem Gambling Program

  • Outpatient Sessions
  • Specialized Curriculum for Gambler, or Concerned Other
  • Behavior Modification for Pathological Gambling


Valeo Behavioral Health Care
330 Oakley (Northwest Entrance)
Present at East Entrance after 5pm
Topeka, KS 66606


Social Detox 24-Hour Hotline 785-234-3448
Recovery Center Services Information 785-783-7532
Recovery Center Admissions 785-233-1730 Ext. 3303